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We aspire to serve the GTA by bringing everything MotorSport to you through our Online Directory where Businesses can list their contacts, locations and more. We love cars and have that proverbial "need for speed". Our mission is to advance MotorSports in and around the GTA; to help move the industry forward.

Safety in MotorSports

Law enforcement is here to protect and serve our community and this is the outlook we aspire to promote. Given the proper environment and permissions our police service supports legal MotorSport activity. "Lets not spoil it for everyone". Keep it on the track where your skills can really be tried, tested and proven.

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Our goal here is to provide the GTA and other communities with a fun platform to share and enjoy each other's photos and videos as a community. It about having fun, and having a good time. Your contributions make it possible so click the submit a pic/vid link to upload and share your own stuff.

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Featured from our Gallery.

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The SEMA show 2012.

I want to start this off by saying that this year's show was awesome. It was awesome because of the people we met while we were there. That said, it is important to go to this show with folks you like. You're going to be spending a whole lot of time together. You want to make sure you enjoy each other' company - and ensure that the people who you go with have as much passion for MotorSports as you do. I don't think there was anyone at the show more enthusiastic about this show than the people who I went with and thats what really made it so awesome!

There was a hick-up on the way to Vegas, and that's because Air Canada over sold the flight and so I nearly got the boot. It would so happen that another passenger would not make their connection allowing me to fly on a ticket that was purchased 2 months in advance... Enough about that! Arriving in Las Vegas you feel charged and ready to go even if your running on a few hours of sleep.

The convention centre was split as always into 3 main halls. The South hall, the North hall and the Main hall. As you walk into the vescinity of the convention centre your heart starts pumping as you see cars parked outside that are the pride and joy of their owners. You know that someone has gone through great lengths to create their masterpiece, which is now on display for you to enjoy.

  • First Day

  • Ford Mustang

  • SEMA 2012 (Video)

Our day typically began at 7am - just enough time to prepare for a full day at the show; which starts at 9am. There are many sections to the show so you want to make sure you have you day planned out well. Deciding on which section you are going to visit in advance is essential because the show itself can be hugely overwhelming.

Prepare yourself for an insane amount of walking. The Convention center is very large as this show is the largest of its kind in the world. The right type of shoe should not be overlooked. You won't want to be limping and hopping through the convention centre - It doesn't look very professional.

So we've walked through the entire section we planned on seeing that first day, and we've met all the people who we were planning on seeing. We saw products you already know and like and then we saw those new lines that no one has seen as yet. By 5:30pm Its time to head out, maybe meet some industry friends for dinner and then on to enjoy the night life. This is pretty much the way the show goes from day to day. Some days we would run into celebrities who would come in to endorse a product or just see the show. But my far the most anticipated part of this event is the grand finale. Unlike most other shows the world over. The SEMA Show has a grand finale.

At the end of the show on Friday evening, people line the sides of convention blvd. to catch a glimse of their favorite ride as it leaves the show. There is the odd illegal burnout which keeps the crowd entertained and chanting for more. The smell of that sweet racing fuel flowing through the air is exillerating as the roar of engines breaking the corner raises yor addrenaline levels. What a way to end an awesome week.

by Ziya Rahaman

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For people who just moved to Toronto, or who are new to the tuner scene it can at times be difficult to find what you need to do the things you want to do. That is why we opened up the store, to bring all the things you need, directly to you. If you are not able to find what you need on our store the directory was developed to help you find what you need from shops located in the GTA. If we can't help you be sure that there is someone in the GTA who has what you need.

Businesses - Why list with us.

We are here to help you reach out to more customers online. Every day more and more people are discovering the power of the internet. Businesses have gone from bust to success because of initiatives online and our centralization of automotive businesses online will help your customers find what they are looking for at your shop. Folks who purchase items from our online store will more than likely need a shop to install their purchase. Add your Business today.

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